Transforming the operational efficiency of field-based teams

Transforming the operational efficiency of field-based teams

For many utilities businesses, up to 90% of the contact time a customer has with the company is through its field-based operatives. For this reason, it is important they are equipped with a connected device that enables them to perform at optimum efficiency, and remain compliant with the latest health and safety policies whilst working remotely.

With considerable advances in technology, every business with a field-based workforce of any size, in any vertical, can now take advantage of a huge range of functionalities from modern mobile applications. And with field-based operatives representing the face of your company, it is crucial they have the most efficient tools, devices, and information to hand.

The best at doing this have enabled a knowledge base portal within a mobile app built specifically for their field operatives. A powerful knowledge base organises your repository of information and experiences to help the workforce answer questions, diagnose problems, and keep up-to-date with the latest internal policy documents. This information is then easily accessible and shareable out in the field. Offline playback enables field operatives to consume critical information in areas of poor or no connectivity.

Enabling access to shared technical information that is updated in real-time, both in the field and the office, leads to an enhanced knowledge collaboration. This allows informed, and therefore improved, decision-making and ultimately better service delivery.

As younger operatives join the team, they often lack the knowledge and experience that the older generation have, in terms of role and of business culture. However, rather than holding internal training days that result in service delays, with the utilisation of the knowledge base, information and advice can be shared and transferred within minutes while the workforce is out on the road.

In an increasingly impatient world, owing to the instant nature of today’ consumer technology, field-based operatives have come to expect more from their employers and the technology supporting them.

Rather than look to out-of-date documentation as they seek to understand why, for example, a common fault keeps occurring or what health and safety measures to take, access to an internal, reliable knowledge base is much more effective than waiting for an annual update of technical information across the business.

By enabling two-way communication between field-based operatives and head office – and encouraging remote teams to communicate with each other inside an app – the mobile workforce is equipped with a more detailed understanding of on-site requirements, troubleshooting, and internal policy documents. Furthermore, messages can be sent directly from within an app.

Utilities businesses often face the shared challenge of balancing the pressure of cost with a desire to increase productivity and deliver the best results. With mobile app features such as those discussed in this blog, supported by in-depth usage analytics, this is no longer a challenge.

OpsHub, mHub’s secure mobile app that delivers important communications, safety documentation and operational information to field based personnel on any device, is built specifically to improve the operational efficiency of field-based teams. The app ensures operatives are informed and equipped with the information they need to work smarter, be safer and more compliant.

OpsHub provides demonstrable compliance with the health and safety legislation in ensuring all engineers are provided with the necessary information to operate safely. Two-way communications mean problem identification, resolution and reporting happen faster. Analytics and reporting provide proof that critical information has been viewed and understood.

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