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Companies who engage their workforce are proven to be more competitive, profitable and attractive to future employees. teamHub helps leadership teams deliver their best stories, direct to a branded company app on the mobile devices of every employee. teamHub is the fastest and most cost effective way for a business to establish measurably better, two-way communications with every employee.
Phone showing teamHub
Phone showing teamHub
Who is it for?
teamHub delivers the greatest benefit for any type of company with over 100 employees to businesses with over 5,000 people.
How is it different?
Unlike, email, intranets or over-engineered employee applications, teamHub is quick, easy and fun to use. This is what makes teamHub different, better and why your workforce will love it.
What are the benefits?
teamHub is the most powerful and personal way to talk directly to employees.Complementing but cutting through the noise of all other digital channels, teamHub provides two-way communications which keep employees engaged and feel connected.Email and intranets have their place but when a story really matters, knowing it’s been received and seen is critical.For as little as £1 per employee, teamHub is also an affordable, fast and practical way to modernise your organisation.
Phone showing teamHub

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