Why a mobile app should complement human interaction, not replace it

Why a mobile app should complement human interaction, not replace it

teamHub helps leadership teams deliver their best stories, direct to a branded company app on the mobile devices of every employee. Among many, one key difference between teamHub and other mobile applications is that we understand technology should complement human interaction, not replace it – particularly in HR.

Modern companies invest thousands in digital technologies designed to create more personalised connections with their customers and boost profits. However, some of these investments have identified an over-reliance on digital, as customers demand a better balance between technology and the human touch.

For example, Accenture, the leading global professional services company, recently found 88% of customers use digital channels at some point in their shopping journey. But whilst 41% want even more digital options, only 36% of customers believe digital channels are better than human interactions.

Accenture also found 58% of customers still prefer to deal with a human to get a quick answer to a question, and when service issues arise, 73% prefer human interaction.

In HR, your people are your customers. And the ‘service issues’ that arise to them may well be having a significant impact on the overall employee experience and consequently the culture of your business. Therefore, it’s important to offer employees the same ‘omnichannel’ experience that retail customers get when shopping for their favourite brands.

HR departments do typically use digital channels such as intranets and email to house important documents, answer FAQs, provide people updates, and deliver company benefit schemes. Whilst intranets have their place, they are often confusing to employees who find them clunky and difficult to navigate, and it’s impossible for HR teams to know what information has been received and seen.

teamHub brings all this information together in one easy-to-use mobile app that our teams love to use. teamHub complements existing digital channels but cuts through the noise in a way that keeps employees engaged and feeling connected. It also provides detailed user analytics, so you know what content has been received and viewed, and how best your employees engage with the app.

Why a mobile app should complement human interaction, not replace it

We don’t need to stress the importance of face-to-face conversations in HR – some of the most sensitive HR processes can’t be replaced with a video message. However, teamHub customers use the app strategically to achieve the appropriate blend between a modern company communicating effectively with its employees, whilst still delivering a personal HR service to its people.

teamHub is the fastest and most cost effective way for a business to establish measurably better, two-way communications with every employee. With a more engaged workforce and a company culture centred around the teamHub app, your HR team is free to deliver core day-to-day activities, whilst you can focus on more high-level, long-term strategies for the growth and development of your company.

For as little as £1 per employee, teamHub is also an affordable, fast and practical way to modernise your organisation.

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