Leadership updates: Getting the message right, getting the message heard

Leadership updates: Getting the message right, getting the message heard

With so many different platforms and channels now available to communicate within businesses, how do leaders navigate this growing complexity and deliver the right messages to their people?

Smart messaging apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat are now a normal part of everyday life – with new apps being developed and adopted every day – leaving business email feeling outdated and formal.

Employees want a business experience that keeps pace with technology, whilst business leaders want a two-way communication platform that offers all the benefits of social media and is appropriate for the workplace. Namely a modern mobile application, accessible on any device, at any time, regardless of location, that supports all content formats and gives the ability to measure successful engagement.

Roselinde Torres, a senior leader in the People & Organization practice at The Boston Consulting Group, describes the problem many business leaders face today:

“Many of us carry this image of this all-knowing superhero, who stands and commands and protects his followers. But that’s kind of an image from another time. And what’s also outdated are leadership communications that are based on success models of world that was, not a world that is, or a world that’s coming.”

Mike Myatt, Chairman of N2Growth and leadership adviser to Fortune 500 CEOs and Boards, writes in Forbes that the most successful leaders in a world that is “speak not with a forked tongue.” He identifies a trusted leader as one most likely to inspire employees and nurture culture.

Leadership updates: Getting the message right, getting the message heard

The best way for a business leader to earn trust is to stop issuing corporate communications and begin having organisation conversations. The more personal and engaging the conversation is, the more effective it will be – and great leaders know what’s important is to open two-way communication with every employee about the things that are most relevant to them.

We agree with Roselinde and Mike – that’s why we created teamHub. We believe teamHub is the most powerful and personal way to talk directly to employees. Complementing but cutting through the noise of all other digital channels, teamHub provides two-way communications which keep employees engaged and feel connected in a way that traditional email and intranets can’t.

teamHub enables business leaders to easily create quality, video-led content, delivered directly to each employee’s mobile device, with push notification and detailed analytics to help you track engagement and refine content based on the messages your people want to hear.

And with more and more CEOs recognising the ability of internal communicators to “positively impact company culture, share company values and priorities, and enable people to understand the part they play,” according to recent research from CIPR Inside – the Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ internal communication group, there has never been a better time to improve your leadership communications.

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