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The battle to attract, win and retain customers has never been more complicated. CustomerHub quickly improves your ability to improve customer service. By delivering a dedicated, branded app for all your customers, the impact is immediate. CustomerHub allows you to innovate, which helps you outperform your competition, so you attract and retain the customers you want, not the competition.
Phone showing customerHub
Phone showing customerHub
Who is it for?
CustomerHub delivers the greatest benefit for companies who want move their customer communications from the inbox to a modern mobile app.
What are the benefits?
Speed and simplicity are at the heart of every mHub application. Set up for most companies only takes days or even hours. CustomerHub allows you to deliver highly personalised communications and information directed to all or specific customers via a branded app on your customer's mobile device. From sharing project updates, secure information delivery or personal video messages CustomerHub quickly and simply becomes the centre of your customer's world.
Phone showing customerHub

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