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Simplicity makes mHub work

Email, messaging apps, social platforms and intranets typically only engage about 20% of audiences. Because mHub is so simple, your stories cut through the noise and are easier to digest. Increasing engagement by up to 70%.

We know this because our clients tell us. Using mHub analytics, they make better decisions, track audience engagement and learn the optimum way to tell their story.

From stakeholder engagement, sales enablement, compliance or supporting IT transformation, mHub radically improves your performance.

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All the benefits you need

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Deliver Your Best Content

Alerts and offline viewing mean your best stories are never missed

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Innovate Faster

Create a buzz by launching a smart mobile app just for your business

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Be seen, be heard, standout and impress your people, prospects and customers

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Attract, Win & Retain

Connect with your audience in a way that’s personal, efficient and cooler than the competition

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Win sales, be remembered and ensure it’s your best story that’s heard

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Data & Insight Driven

Make better decisions, track audience engagement and learn the optimum way to tell your next story

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Costs from £1 per person per month

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Connect Office 365 and other apps

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ISO27001 compliant security for any size team

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Analytics to track, measure and understand the impact of every story you tell. Data to help you learn the best way to deliver your next story.

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Better two-way communication

  • Notification alerts and offline viewing
  • Easy comment, feedback and question functions
  • Engage with people on their preferred device
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Better access to information

  • Mobile, secure and easy to use
  • Create, view and share information on the go
  • Delivers the information you need and filter out what you don’t
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Better insight & analytics

  • Track every message you send
  • Metrics to see where and why people tune in and tune out
  • Insight to make all your stories perform better

You’re in good hands

“Using mHub we’ve benefitted from delivering improved, personalized communications to support our own IT transformation and sales growth.”

Neil Atkins. Marketing Director, SCC

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