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mHub is a brandable communications app that gives your team or customers the right information at the right time.

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Brand mHub as your own, create groups, send messages, store files or make and share content, then track who sees it

Your staff will work smarter

Your customers will be happier

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mHub is different & better - compare mHub, Slack & WhatsApp

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Brand the app as your own mhub
Content & User analytics mhub
Create & share content with anyone mhub
Create videos within the app mhub mhub
Group messaging mhub mhub mhub
Send & save files mhub mhub mhub
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Features to ensure everyone gets the right information at the right time.

Stand out from your competition. You can brand mHub as your own app and get it from the app stores.


Intelligent analytics mean you’ll know when people see your latest message, watch your new video or view important documents.

Content Creation

Whether it’s a video, newsletter or spreadsheet you’re sharing, easy drag and drop tools make creating content quicker, easier and cheaper.


Share content to groups within your app or use a unique link to share with people outside your company.


Keeping your team or a customer connected is the lifeblood of your business. Fewer emails, fewer meetings and all your conversations in one place.

File storage

The content you need in the palm of your hand, exactly when you want it. Save, organise and share files wherever you are.

Plus time saving tools your team will thank you for


Play your videos & view files offline


Never miss the important stuff


Be more targeted & personal


Find everything you need faster


Share messages from your mobile

mHub is already tried, tested and trusted by some of the biggest companies in the world. For you, this means your app and your data is super safe.

Get your app on iOS, Android and via your favourite web browser

What our customers say

Nick Kerr


"Suddenly the challenge of keeping everyone informed, involved, up to date and ‘on message’ feels straightforward. After just a matter of weeks it’s hard to imagine what we ever did without it".

Tim Kenny


"With mHub, we've improved the marketing collateral we provide to our sales teams and its analytics help us to understand which content is the most successful".

David Wylie


"The ability to support all formats of content, have substantive feedback from users and instant notifications provides a step change in the way SGN communicate".

You're in good hands

Your own app is now as easy as 1,2,3

Simply choose the package that's best for you, add your branding*, create groups, add content and send messages.

The mHub platform builds and submits your app to the app store (iOS & Android). It's also available via a browser.

Get going by downloading your app, then invite your team or customers to download it and start using it too.


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